Comfort In A Box
Bringing strength and hope to each mom during her stay at the
         Southern California Ronald McDonald Houses

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Welcome To Comfort In A Box

The Webster's definition of comfort is as follows
....To give strength and hope to. It is our desire to give a bit of "comfort" - strength and hope to each mom during her stay at her temporary home-away-from-home, one of Southern California's Ronald McDonald Houses, while her child is undergoing treatment in the hospital.

"First mom to receive a box of comfort"

We provide that comfort in a form of a box..."Comfort In A Box".  Inside each box they will find a blanket, a pair of slippers and a bottle of lavender lotion.  With the hope that they will be reminded each time they wrap in their blanket that they are being covered in prayer and support by others. When they wear their slippers that somebody wanted to provide a little bit of comfort for their journey ahead and when they use the lavender lotion that they will find, even for a moment, a bit of relaxation.

I want these moms to know that they are being thought of during this time and that they are not alone.  Comfort comes in many ways and ours comes in a box...
                                            "Comfort In A Box" 
                                                                   Michelle Hoefflin
| Founder & Executive Director                                                                  












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