Comfort In A Box
Bringing strength and hope to each mom during her stay at the
         Southern California Ronald McDonald Houses

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Our Story

Our Story 

In October of 2009 our family was vacationing with some family friends in the mountains of Southern California when we received a phone call that a mutual family friend had to hospitalize their son after being diagnosed with cancer.  We immediately called to check in on the family, find out details and let them know we would be coming as soon as we had got back home.  I remember listening to my friend talk to our friend, “the mom”, on the phone and asking “do you need me to bring you anything?” and she replied “a pair of slippers”.  As we walked through that season with our friends it was not only verbalized but very apparent that the small things, a pair of slippers, lighten the load, bring a little comfort and let you know that people are “in it with you”.

In July 2010, I was having breakfast with a friend and as conversation goes we began to talk about things that we are passionate about. For me the answer to that question has been the same for make a difference in the lives of women. I have been involved in non-profit work for years, leading, hosting and speaking at women’s events.  Well, that particular day the conversation involved my friend talking about how she had taken a group of people to The Orange County Ronald McDonald House and volunteered to bake cookies for the families that were living there while their child was undergoing treatment in the hospital. While my friend was sharing, I remembered my friend who had to stay at the hospital with her son as he underwent treatment, and this thought came to me.....which then became an idea....which then became an absolute passion to see happen....providing each mom, upon arrival to The Ronald McDonald House in Orange, what I’d call “Comfort In A Box”. Each box would contain a blanket, a pair of slippers and a bottle of all natural lavender lotion.  I shared the idea with the lady I was having breakfast with and she looked at me and said we can make it happen.  At that point she put me in contact with The Orange County Ronald McDonald House and our conversations became more than just talk but reality.  It was with sheer amazement, that I watched people begin to partner as I shared about Comfort In A Box. We were able to see within a few short months the first round of “Comfort” be delivered on Christmas Eve in December 2010.

We have since partnered with the Long Beach Ronald McDonald House and are scheduled to partner with the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House in May 2015.  The Goal is to have every mom (or female caregiver) staying at one of the Southern California Ronald McDonald Houses receive a box of comfort by 2017.  

Our Story is still being written…Will you be a part of writing our story by partnering with us to extend comfort?  Visit our PARTNERSHIP page to see how you can be a part.  We know that bringing “Comfort” can be packaged in a box "Comfort In A Box"




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