Comfort In A Box
Bringing strength and hope to each mom during her stay at the
         Southern California Ronald McDonald Houses

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Our Team

Our Team

Michelle Hoefflin - Founder & Executive Director 
Michelle has been passionate about one thing for many years,
making a    difference in the lives of women. She has been involved in non-profit work  for years, leading, hosting and speaking at women’s events.  Out of her  passion Comfort In A Box went from idea to reality in the fall of 2010.  Michelle and her husband Walter have been involved in national and local church ministry for over 20 years. They have been married since August 1993 and have two children, Madison and Maverick.   

 Valerie Hoefflin - Graphic Designer
 Valerie is a part-time freelance graphic designer and caregiver for her two  nephews.  She has been married to Cris for 14 years and they have a son,  Wyatt.  She has been involved with graphic design and interior design for the  past 20 years through her work and church.  She has enjoyed a variety of design projects such as putting together home accessories for customers, residential Christmas decorating, yearbook design, invitation design and  business collateral design. She considers it a privilege to have designed the printed collateral for Comfort in a Box.


                         Jackie Brooks - Business Owner                                Jackie is Co-Owner and CFO of Hilltop Alarms.  She and her husband
Mark  have operated the business for the last 25 years in Orange
County, CA.  Jackie has been involved in local church ministry for years.  
One of her desires is to see women, young and old, walking in boldness and confidence fulfilling their life’s destiny. She considers it a privilege to be a part of bringing comfort to the lives of women. Jackie and her husband Mark have been married since March 1990. They have two children Christopher and Jessica.


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